Product Name Chemical Composition Applications
Lakpol PS 20 POE Sorbitan Mono Laurate Wetting agent and Viscosity modifier used in Foods, Cosmetics, Pharma and Metal working industries. Solubilizer for Perfumes and Flavours.
Lakpol PS 40 POE Sorbitan Mono Palmitate Emulsifier for Cosmetics and Pharma formulations. Lubricant and Antistat for Textiles.  Emulsifier and Dispersant for Insecticides. 
Lakpol PS 60 POE Sorbitan Mono Stearate Emulsifier used in Foods, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals, Dispersant for Insecticides and Herbicides.
Lakpol PS 80 POE Sorbitan Mono Oleate Solubiliser for Vitamins, Pharma Actives, Flavours and Essential Oils. Emulsifier for Cosmetic creams. 
Lakpol PS 85 POE Sorbitan Tri Oleate Emulsifier, Dispersant, Solubilizer, Lubricant, Detergent, and Wetting agent for various industries.