Product Name Chemical Composition Applications
LAKPOL MO Methyl Oleate Lubricity Additive. The sulfated product is a good wetting agent for textile and leather processing.
LAKPOL ML Methyl Laurate Used in Asphalt, Construction, Dust Control, Mining, and Personal Care industries.
LAKPOL BO Butyl Oleate Antistatic and Lubricant for textile fibres. Finds applications in certain cosmetics like Lipsticks and Hair sprays. 
LAKTEX BS Butyl Stearate Lubricant and carrier for spinning compounds for textile fibres. Defoamer in paper industry. Metal working lubricants component.
LAKLAS 2EHO 2-Ethyl Hexyl Oleate Lubricity Additive for Hydraulic Fluids, Neat Cutting Oils, and other lubricant formulations.
LAKMOL IPM Iso Propyl Myristate Important Emollient and moisturizer for Cosmetic creams and lotions as it gives a supple feel to the skin. 
LAKMOL IPP Iso Propyl Palmitate Emollient, moisturizer and Thickener for Cosmetic creams and lotions.