Product Name Chemical Composition Applications
SML - 20 Sorbitan Mono Laurate Emulsifier for W/O emulsions. Co-emulsifier in preparation of cosmetic & pharmaceutical creams. Dispersant for pigments.
SMP - 40 Sorbitan Mono Palmitate Emulsifier for W/O emulsions. Opacifier for cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions.
SMS - 60  Sorbitan Mono Stearate Food grade emulsifier for W/O emulsions. Co-emulsifier for O/W emulsions.
STS Sorbitan Tri Stearate Lubricant for synthetic and cotton fibers to reduce fibre-to-metal friction.
SMO Sorbitan Mono Oleate Lubricity Additive. Emulsifier for emulsion type explosives. Stabilizer for cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions.
STO Sorbitan Tri Oleate  Emulsifier for preparing W/O emulsions for neutral or mildly alkaline/acidic pH systems.
SSO Sorbitan Sesqui Oleate Emulsifier for preparing water-in-oil emulsions.