LAKELAND AMA Amphoteric surfactant based on beta alanine * Salt free amphoteric, practically non-toxic
    * Good hydrotropic properties over a wide pH range
    * Good wetting and cleaning action
    * Has synergisitc effect when used with a non-ionic surfactant
    * Good alkaline stability. Stable to water hardness
    * Suitable for formulating industrial hard surface cleaners
    * Suitable for heavy duty alkaline degreasers
    * Suitable for vehicle cleaning formulations
    * Suitable for liquid laundry detergents
    * Hydrotropicity permits formulation of concentrated products
    * Elevates cloud pt of highly built detergent systems
    * Improves detergency at high operating temperatures
LAKELAND AMA LF 40 Amphoteric surfactant based on beta alanine * All the above characteristics, but with low foam properties
    * Due to low foam properties, suitable for pressure-washers also
    * Suitable for spray-cleaning & automatic cleaning machines
    * Non-substantive to ferrous metals
    * Does not interfere with subsequent electroplating
    * Suitable for low foam carpet shampoos
LAKELAND AMA LF 70 Amphoteric surfactant based on beta alanine * Similar to LAKELAND AMA LF 40, but with higher concentration
LAKELAND ODA Amphoteric based on amine carboxylate * Good hydrotropicity and stability over a wide pH range
    * Suitable for high alkali formulatons and also acidic scale removers
    * Thickens industrial acidic cleaning formulations
    * Salt free product, non-toxic
    * Suitable for use in contact with metals susceptible to salt pitting
    * Has synergistic effect when used with nonionics
    * Permits reduction of quantity of nonionics required
    * Suitable for liquid laundry detergents due to soil-suspending properties
LAKELAND ACP 70 Amphoteric based on mono propionate * Salt free amphoteric, concentrated, cost-effective product
    * Works at lower formulation dosages
    * Has good corrosion inhibition and dispersing properties
    * Suitable for formulating aqueous synthetic slat & chain lubricants